Window TV On Your Retail Storefront Glass

Rear Projection Film Screen on Storefront Retail Window TVSo what is all this talk about Storefront Window TV and exactly what does that mean?

A Window TV is taking any piece or all of your storefront and turning it into a Digital TV Screen by placing state of the art technology directly on the glass surface.

This hi tech surface is specifically designed to reject the light from outside the storefront and receive a digital light source from behind the screen.

Window TV’s are applied much like a window tint and usually can be completely installed within minutes once you grasp the concept.  Simply clean the glass, mark out your proposed area and apply the film as directed and you’re done.

The applications are so diverse for Window TV’s that it is hard to find a situation that this digital signage solution does not work well in. For Retail Storefronts, glass TV projection screens a tremendously powerful draw card.

Creating additional revenue opportunities from existing clients while attracting perspective clients at the same time. For In-Store and Mall applications it a tremendous opportunity to draw attention to your storefront displays.

This Rear Projection Film technology can be applied to Flat or Curved Surfaces of either Glass or Acrylic. Create a mosaic of floating images on glass or even a wave wall. So many possibilities are available to you once you see this product in action for the first time. Most clients after using the product once, find additional window space or in store glass that can be utilized and install additional Window TV’s.

The Light Source of your Window TV is a Projector.  Projectors are extremely sophisticated today and with the right rear projection screen solution can perform well even in the most difficult lighting situations. With so many models of projectors to choose from it is important that you consult with a professional firm that has real world experience with this type of technology before you rush in.

With the age of interactivity upon us, it is important that you leave your options open if you are considering interactive digital displays. Turn your Storefront Window TV into an interactive thru glass touch screen by adding an additional layer to your system. Imagine the ability to control your window display with your finger just like you would with a mouse on your computer.

Standard and custom interactive software programs and touch screen technology can be used to put a portion or your entire retail catalog right on your window. Your clients could even opt-in to your mailing list or friend you on Facebook.  The sky is the limit!

When considering Window TV’s be sure to ask for a consultation to discuss your location and ideas.  Ask for the Good, Better, Best Options and be sure to get reasons why.

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